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Each and every towns along the Erie Canal has something unique to offer. Below is a list of some of the popular canal towns.

Popular Erie Canal Towns


Waterford is a true canal town. It encompasses all of the many different aspects of the canal that makes the canal grand. Located at the junction between the Hudson River and the Erie Canal, it marks the official beginning of both the Erie Canal and Champlain Canal. It is passed by transient boaters traveling in all directions. Waterford has a rich canal history, free public docks, and all the essential supplies within walking distance of the town wall. This is a must stop for all boaters, for the night or at for least lunch and supplies.

Attractions include restaurants, groceries, a public library, post office, laundry facilities, the Old Champlain Canal walking path and Peebles Island State Park. The visitor center offers internet access, bathrooms and showers, while the public docks provide free power and water (for 2 days, $10 a night there after).

Waterford hosts the annual Tugboat Roundup in the fall and is the home of the Flight of Locks (Lock E2-Lock E6). While staying at Waterford, one can experience many different types of canal boats. Waterford is the home of many tugboats and other working canal boats, as well as sees cruisers of all types transiting the canals for recreation, as well as passing through on the way north/south for the season.

Little Falls

Little Falls is located about halfway between Waterford and Three Rivers, this canal town has been an important part of the canal system since its creation. Little Falls, a small city, has all the things that a boater would desire: mooring, restaurants, groceries, parks, walkways, museums, gyms, library, post office, movie theater and many more. Lock E17 is the largest lock on the canal system, and has a nearby walking path as well as a lock still visible from the original Erie Canal (Old Erie Canal Lock 36).

Sylvan Beach

Sylvan Beach is located in Central New York on the eastern end of Oneida Lake. It is a summer tourist town, and opens it arms to the transient canaller. It has a very large canal wall that accommodates dozens of boats. From the canal wall one can walk to many different restaurants, the beach, the grocery store, post office, and more.


Fairport is located on the western portion of the Erie Canal, a few miles east of Rochester. It is known mainly by canalers for two things, first is its lift bridge. Its lift bridge which has each of its 4 corners at different levels and also no two angles of the same degree makes this bridge very unique. Second is its famous Fairport Canal Days festival. It is one of the premier annual Arts and Crafts festivals in the Northeast, attracting nearly a quarter-million visitors each year! © 2006-2013. All Rights Reserved. With assistance from Uptick Analytics.