Champlain Canal Lock 11

Lock 11
Phone Number: (518) 639-8964
Lift: 12 feet
How to Lock Through

Lock C11 on the Champlain Canal is located in the town of Comstock, nine miles north of Lock C9. This scenic lock lowers boats 12 feet, from an elevation of 124 feet to 112 feet above sea level. The lock master can be reached on VHF channel 13 or by phone at (518) 639-8964. Lock C12 (and Lake Champlain) is only 7 miles away.


Lock 11 was built as part of Contract Number 15, which was awarded to the Atlantic, Gulf and Pacific Company on August 9, 1906. This contract also included other work in the area, such as excavating the canal and protecting its sides, constructing Lock 12, Dam Number 4 and 5, a spillway, a highway, two masonry culverts, five bridges with their piers and abutments and other incidental details between Lake Champlain at Whitehall to just over a half mile north of Comstock, a length of 6.8 miles.

The contractor started operations by building dikes on October 10, 1906. The dredge and large plant were built on the ground, and work started in November, 1906.

Champlain Canal Lock C11
Champlain Canal Lock C11  
Lower size of Lock C11 with the spillway to the left.
Lower size of Lock C11 with the spillway to the left.  
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