Erie Canal Guard Gates

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Below is the list of guard gates along the Erie Canal.


Guard Gate E1

Guard Gate E1 is a secondary guard gate to Guard Gate E2 on the Flight of Locks to protect the town of Waterford below. It typically remains open, unlike Guard Gate E2 which only opens for passing boats.

Guard Gate E2

Guard Gate E2

A tugboat moored at the terminal wall next to Guard Gate E2
Location: Erie Canal
Nearest Town: Waterford
Lock east: Lock E6
Lock west: Lock E7
How to Lock Through

Guard Gate E2 protects the entrance of the Waterford Flight of Locks from the Mohawk River. It also serves as the moderator of boats entering the Flight of Locks. Along side and accoss the way from the gate are terminal walls that allow for mooring while waiting for the canal to become ready. There is also a system of trails and a picnic area on the south side of the canal at the lock.

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