Fort Ann

Fort Ann Facts
Image:Fort Ann Dock.jpg
Fort Ann Dock is only a block from town.
Location: Champlain Canal
NYS guide: Page C-12
Town north: Whitehall
Town south: Fort Edward
Lock north: Lock C11 (xxx miles)
Lock south: Lock C9 (xxx miles)
Fort Ann is located on the Champlain Canal about halfway between Fort Edward and Whitehall. There is a small floating dock located near the Clay Hill Road Bridge (C-23) that is available for walking into town (Note: no services). There is a Cumberland Farms and restaurants just north of the dock by a block, but otherwise there seems little to do in Fort Ann. It does make a good spot to stretch your legs as well as get basic supplies as the supplies in Whitehall are a long walk away.

Just south of Clay Hill Road (along Canal Street) is the remains of Lock 16 and Lock 17 of the former Champlain Canal. These combined locks are under redevelopment as part of the Fort Ann waterfront redevelopment. Also north of the Clay Hill Road along Canal Street is the remains of Lock 18 on the Old Champlain Canal. These 3 locks are in quite good condition and once the redevelopment is complete, with kiosks and proper access, it will be one of the premier sites combining the current and former canal into one park.

Boater's Note: The map shows the public docks located on the south-west side of the Clay Hill Bridge. The bridge was replaced and the docks were moved to their current on the north-east side of the bridge. Eventually plans call for a boat ramp to be located on the south-west side of the bridge.

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