Lockport Facts

The new and old locks in Lockport sit right next to each other.
Location: Erie Canal
Website: elockport.com

Lockport, aptly for it great five step locks that climbed the Erie Canal up onto the Niagara Escarpment, is located near the western terminus of the Erie Canal.

As mentioned, Lockport became famous because of its locks. Lockport was the only place along the original Erie Canal that has always had double locks (two set of locks in parallel). The 10 locks built here were one of the final construction tasks completed before the Erie Canal was completed from the Hudson River to Lake Erie.

The locks were enlarged once to that of the Enlarged Erie Canal dimensions. Then in accordance with the 1903 barge canal act, the southern locks were dismantled and replaced by only two modern concrete and steel. That is the way the it remains today. The northern 5 locks were redesigned to control the water level above the locks and to to pull debris away from the modern lock. Plans are underway to restore the norther locks to a near operational status, though it will be a few years before this project gets complete.

While in Lockport its obvious that a stop at the locks is a must, but also take note that the former building inbetween the locks has been converted to a museum. Here one can get a sense of what this area was like years ago. Docking is available on the highside of the locks near the spillway entrance or at the terminal wall located just to the west of the locks on the northern side (boat launch on site too).

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