Schuylerville Facts

Two boats moored on the upper side of Lock C5.
Location: Champlain Canal
NYS guide: Page C-7
Town north: Fort Edward (11 miles)
Town south: Mechanicville (16.5 miles)
Lock north: Lock C5 (0.25 miles)
Lock south: Lock C4 (14 miles)

The city of Schuylerville is a historic little town on the Champlain Canal. General Philip Schuyler's house is located in town and many historic sites like the Saratoga Battlefield (and monument) are located nearby. Saratoga Springs with its horse racing, performances, spas and more is a 15 minute taxi ride to the west.

This historic town is unique in that there are many interesting historic sites preserved throughout town: from an old Junction Lock to an aqueduct to battle fields and historic homes. Also there is the Hudson Crossing, a educational and recreation park.

Schuylerville Basin and the Junction/Guard Lock

When the Champlain Canal was enlarged for the final time by the Barge Canal Act of 1903, it utilized directly the Hudson River rather than an artificial channel through town. This meant that profitable businesses along the former Enlarged Champlain Canal in the Schuylerville Basin would no longer be directly on the canal.

To provide access to this section of the Enlarged Champlain Canal the town decided to forgo a new terminal wall on the Hudson River. Rather, the money for a terminal wall was instead used to build a junction/guard lock to connect the old canal with the new canal. Located directly along side the modern Champlain Canal Lock C5, this guard lock once allowed boats to enter the Old (Enlarged) Champlain Canal after the modern Champlain Canal was built, without the risk that the Hudson River overtaking the town.

The lock, built of concrete and not stone like the old locks, was completed in latter half of 1916. The intent was only to provide access to the Schuylerville Basin and therefore the northern side of the Fish Creek Aqueduct was filled in. This wall also prevented the need to maintain the aqueduct, saving money down the road.

The decision to not create a terminal wall and instead maintain access to the old canal basin unfortunately has had a negative long-term impact. Being built to the a small size, it did not allow large vessels to enter this section of the canal and thus it eventually went unused in the 1950s. It was then sealed by a metal dam and the chamber partially filled for use as a roadway. This means that today there is no terminal facilities in Schuylerville, something that would help drive recreational traffic to the riverside park side community.

Hudson Crossing Park

A new bi-county park is being developed on Lock 5 island in Schuylerville. This park includes trails, playgrounds, fields, fishing, floating dock and more. It is also part of the Champlain Canalway Trail. Access is best found at Lock 5 (boat or car): there is a new floating dock on the north side of Lock C5 that gives boaters day-use access. Eventually this park will include an educational center, pedestrian bridge to the east side of the Hudson River and much more.

There are numerous things to do, see the Towpath Trail Map for more things to do. There are only two places to stop. Lock C5 (no services) is located on the northern end of town and Schuyler Yacht Basin (private) is in town.

Schuylerville Boat Launches and Marinas

Boat Ramps

  • Schuylerville Boat Launch, Free launch located off Tow Path Road (follow signs), Single ramp with floating dock. Parking for 12-15 trucks/trailers.


  • Schuyler Yacht Basin, 1 Ferry St., Schuylerville, NY 12871, (518) 695-3193

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