Valcour Island

Valcour Island Facts

A slightly foggy morning in a northern cove of Valcour Island.
Location: Lake Champlain
Town east: Peru (1 miles)
Town west: Burlington (15 miles)
Town north: Plattsburgh (6 miles)
Valcour Island is an island on the NY side of the lake, it is a primitive island that is a very popular anchorage. Its coves on every side of the island can protect boats regardless of the wind or wave direction. Onshore there is a lighthouse and hiking trails, and many beaches line the coves. Come early, good spots go fast!

The island is also popular in part due to its proximity to the two largest cities on the lake, it is located on the opposite shore of Burlington, about 10-15 miles away and is only about 7-10 miles south of Plattsburgh. Just west of Valcore on mainland NY is Peru which has a free state boat launch as well as marinas offering fuel and pump-outs.

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