Clinton's Ditch

Image:Enlarged Erie Canal Lock 26.jpg
The view down to the old lock 36.

Clinton's Ditch is the derogatory name given to the original Erie Canal. The term was coined by those opposed to the original construction of the Erie Canal and its main proponent New York City Mayor Dewitt Clinton. The name lives on in spite of its derogatory nature as a testimony to the efforts of those that worked towards the vision of the canal.

In modern times, Clinton's Ditch is typically used as a reference to the original Erie Canal constructed between the years 1817 and 1825. The later enlarged Erie Canal is traditionally referred to as exactly that, the Enlarged Erie Canal. The modern Erie Canal, part of the New York State Canal System, was constructed as part of the New York State Barge Canal. Today the canal is referred to as the Erie Barge Canal or just the Erie Canal depending on context. © 2006-2013. All Rights Reserved. With assistance from Uptick Analytics.